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Artist Profile



Masamichi Yoshikawa is a contemporary Japanese ceramist famous for his architectural pieces in celadon porcelain. The power of his creations and the richness of his personality go far beyond this brief definition. Born in 1946, in Funasato in the district of Chigasaki, not far from Tokyo, Masamichi Yoshikawa belongs to the post-war generation, that of open and free Japan, which asserts itself as the most western country, in the sense political and cultural, of the Far East.

It was in this context of aspiration for modernity that he pursued design studies from which he graduated in 1968. At the end of the 1960s, he moved to Tokoname with the aim, he, “to design objects intended for Scandinavia… the 1970s were, as in many places in the world, a period of intense questioning about aesthetics. We asked ourselves a lot of questions about the quality of forms in space” . These few words allow us to imagine the appetite of these young creators for the artistic movements that then stirred the art world in Europe and North America.



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