Ceramic courses


Learn- have fun- feel

Here’s the perfect opportunity to enter the world of clay ! Over just a weekend or perhaps even a whole week, Leonor, who speaks fluent English, will welcome you to the studios of Le Don du Fel where she’ll guide you through all the different stages of acquiring ceramic skills. Also, take a look at our masterclasses, all run by internationally known artists. There’s certainly no better or more enjoyable way to speed up the development of your creativity.

Whether you’re just a beginner or you’re looking for ways to really develop your skills and your ideas, you’ll find a real team to help at Les Ateliers du Don.

Courses coming up

For any registration, please contact us by phone on (+33) 05 65 54 15 15 or use the contact form.

Naked raku | FULL

10 July - 14 July

“Ceramic matter” | FULL

24 July : 09:00 - 28 July : 17:00

Dialogue at the top

15 September - 28 November

pablo castillo

Animal sculpture | FULL

20 September - 22 September

Free creations | FULL

5 October - 6 October

Sylvie Delphaut

Enrich your decoration | FULL

9 November - 11 November