Artist Profile

Suzy Atkins

Artist Profile


Suzy Atkins has been the creative mind behind all the pots made at the Don Pottery since its crration in 1977. She now creates her own unique pieces decorated with fine gold which have ensured her a worldwide reputation and a place in numerous private and public collections. She declines her work according to her inspiration, but her starting point is always in the world of utility, therefore respecting a very specific function. Her way of working has evolved a lot over time, Suzy having developed a very personal technique of superimposing slips giving her a palette of colors unsuspected for salt stoneware.




Première Biennale Nationale de Châteauroux.

Exposition ‘‘Céramique Française Contemporaine, Sources et Courants’’

Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris.


Biennale Internationale de Vallauris. (invitée du Jury) Médaille d’Argent.
Exposition Cork International CeramicsIRLANDE. (invitée du Jury).

Exposition ‘‘Nouvelle Céramique Française’’ Contempory Ceramics. Londres – ANGLETERRE.
Financée par le Ministère de la Culture.

Exposition ‘‘L’Assiette’’ Galerie Charlotte Henning, Darmstadt – ALLEMAGNE.


Exposition ‘‘Image Objet’’ – Paris, Montpellier, Aix en Provence. Ministère de la Culture.

‘‘Rencontres avec la Terre’’ Participation à deux sections : Traces et Utilitaires, St Etienne.
Deuxième Biennale Nationale de Châteauroux.
‘‘Salzbrand’’, Koblenz et Bonn – ALLEMAGNE


Exposition ‘‘Image objet’’ à Aurillac, Mulhouse, Annecy, Nantes. Montréal – CANADA, Hannovre – ALLEMAGNE.

Exposition ‘‘Poteries et Céramiques Contemporaines’’ Centre Culturel des Sables d’Olonne.

Exposition ‘‘Keramik 84’’ Wiesbaden – ALLEMAGNE.




Gallery 24, Dortmund, Germany.

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