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Artist Profile



For more than forty years, Edmée Delsol has been one of the most engaging and constantly inventive figures of French ceramics. Mastering, in her tiny studio in Meudon, the intricacies of working in both clay and cast glass, she was one of very first European artists to bring together these two materials with a real sense of creative intelligence.

The result has been a prodigious production of splendid pieces where the transparence of the glass is set in opposition to the opacity and the monumentality of the clay to construct an eloquent dialogue built of complementarity and complicity.

The art of Edmée Delsol is both precious and unique. She has been, in every sense of the term, a real pioneer, and as so often when you lead the way into the difficulties if uncharted terrain, there are not many who have either the skill or the courage to follow. All the more reason to cherish these strong works which clearly constitute a major achievement.



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