SAS ATKINS General Terms and Conditions of Sale for the website

1. Preamble

These general conditions of sale (hereinafter referred to as “Conditions”) are concluded between, on the one hand, SAS ATKINS, a company with a capital of 125,000 euros, registered with the RCS Rodez under number 381 561 125 and located at Don du Fel ,12140 Le Fel, hereinafter referred to as “La Poterie du Don”, And on the other hand, people, individuals or not, who visit the online site (Internet), also accessible under the addresses and (commonly the “Site de La Poterie du Don” or “the Site”), and/or who wish to make a purchase via this Site, hereinafter referred to as the “Customers” or the “Customer” on an individual basis. La Poterie du Don and Customers together hereinafter are referred to as the “Parties”.

2. Purpose

These general conditions are intended to define the terms of sale between La Poterie du Don and its Customers, from ordering to delivery, including the use of the services made available by La Poterie du Don and payment. They regulate all the steps necessary for placing the order and ensure the follow-up of this order between the Parties. If these should be different depending on the quality of the Customer, individual or company, these differences would be clearly mentioned. 3. Scope These Conditions govern the sale of the Products found on the Site of La Poterie du Don on the day the order is placed by the Customer.They apply to all the methods of placing orders offered by La Poterie du Don, whether the order was placed by Internet or by e-mail, on the basis of promotions or advertising carried out from our Site. If these Conditions should be different depending on the method of placing the order, these differences will be clearly mentioned.

4. Order

4.1 Capacity to contract

The purchase of a product found on the site of the Poterie du Don not being an act of management of daily life, in view of the respect of article 1124 of the civil code, any Customer of the company Atkins Sarl declares to have the capacity to contract under the conditions described below, that is to say to be an emancipated minor or to be of legal majority and not to be protected within the meaning of article 488 of the Civil Code. La Poterie du Don reserves the right to refuse any Order from a Customer with whom a dispute exists or appears during the processing of an Order, in particular a payment dispute.

4.2 Acceptance of the Conditions by the Customer

These Conditions can be read directly on the Site of La Poterie du Don. At the Customer’s request, they can also be sent by e-mail, fax or post. The fact for the Customer to tick the box “I have read the general conditions of sale and I accept them” before validating his order automatically entails the express acceptance by him and without restriction or reservation of these Conditions. The Customer acknowledges by this act to have read and understood these Conditions and to accept them. The purchase by e-mail, by telephone, by fax or by post also implies acceptance of these Conditions which he acknowledges having previously read, understood and accepted under the conditions mentioned above.

4.3 Product characteristics In accordance with article

L 111-1 of the consumer code, La Poterie du Don strives to present as well as possible, on the descriptive sheets of Pottery and ceramic works of art, the essential characteristics of the latter of which the Customer must take notice. La Poterie du Don reserves the right to modify the assortment of Products offered depending in particular on production constraints or those related to its suppliers.

4.4 Photos, data sheets and catalogs

The photographs of our pottery on our site or in the emails sent by La Poterie du Don are given for information only and are not contractual. In particular, we draw the buyer’s attention to the great variability of surfaces and tones which gives so much life to our salt-fired pottery. Also, certain details, such as the shaping of the feet or the handles are constantly evolving, their variation adding to the uniqueness of each piece.

4.5 Date of order

The Date of the order is deemed to be that: the date of validation of the order by the Customer and its payment by credit card online in the event of payment by credit card;the date of receipt of the check,Nevertheless, this validation date is subject to the conditions linked to the anti-fraud controls put in place by La Poterie du Don. If additional administrative documents are requested in order to ensure the identity of the author of the order (see paragraph “Checks to avoid any fraud” below). In this case, the Order Date will be either that above or that of receipt of the requested documents, the Order Date then being the later of the two.The deadlines indicated on the Site of La Poterie du Don only run from this Order Date described above.

4.6 Checks to prevent fraud

In order to prevent fraudulent use of means of payment, Customer accounts, delivery addresses, and in order to further secure Customer transactions, La Poterie du Don carries out checks on orders placed by its Customers. As part of these checks, the Customer may be asked to send us administrative documents such as: Proof of identity and/or proof of residence (landline telephone bill, receipt for electricity, gas, water, …), and for companies: KBIS extract less than 3 (three) months old. As part of these checks, if the supporting documents were not sent to us or if the documents sent did not make it possible to establish with certainty the identity of the author of the order and the reality of the direct debit, we could not validate the order and it would then be cancelled. Refunds corresponding to these orders could not then be made without a certain number of checks necessary to identify the Payer of the order. Thus, a payment by bank card will be refunded only and directly to the customer’s bank card account, a refund by check will only be sent to the address indicated on the check book in the absence of provision of proof of new domicile.

4.7 Information provided when ordering

The Customer is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the information in his Customer account and his order to ensure its proper processing. Thus, in particular, the Customer’s address and the delivery address of the order are under his full responsibility. La Poterie du Don cannot guarantee the consequences or be held responsible for additional delivery times or additional delivery costs. The costs incurred by La Poterie du Don resulting from errors in the information provided by the Customer will be borne by the Customer, in particular the costs of reshipping the order.

4.8 Price

The prices of the Products are indicated in euros, all taxes included and excluding shipping costs. They take into account the VAT applicable on the day of the order. Any change in the applicable rate may be passed on to the prices of the Products after the date of entry into force of the new applicable rate. The VAT rate applied is a percentage of the value of the goods sold, 20% for delivery in Metropolitan France, Corsica and Monaco.The prices displayed on the site are subject to change at any time. They are also subject to variations for reasons of introductory prices, promotions or sales. All prices are given subject to manifest typographical error or purely material computer labeling error.The applicable price is that indicated on the Site of La Poterie du Don on the date of registration of the order by the Customer.

4.9 Shipping costs

The shipping costs are invoiced to the Customer according to the weight of the package (packaging and gifts excluded), the place of delivery and the carrier or mode of transport chosen. They are indicated to the Customer before the final registration of the order. Shipping costs can be viewed on the La Poterie du Don website in the “Deliveries” section.

4.10 Ordering

Individual Customers can place their order with La Poterie du Don either via the Internet on the La Poterie du Don Site, or by e-mail, or by telephone, or by fax, or by post. When the order is placed by e-mail, by fax or by post, the placing of the order must include the information necessary to process it under good conditions. In all cases, the identification of the Customer allowing the registration of the order must contain at least the following information: the Customer must identify himself either using his Customer number, or by mentioning all the information usually requested for online registration and his e-mail address;The Customer must clearly identify the Pottery or Works of art selected with the references indicated on the Site of La Poterie du Don, references including the options of colors, sizes, etc. In the case of Products comprising options, these precise references appear when the right options are selected;The Customer must also indicate the quantities requested;The Customer must also clearly indicate the information necessary for the delivery. This concerns in particular the precise delivery address as well as any restrictions on accessibility of the place of delivery (refer to the paragraph concerning deliveries);The Customer must indicate the chosen delivery method;Finally, the Customer must also indicate the method of payment chosen. When the order includes more than 5 bulky parcels, La Poterie du Don reserves the right not to accept the order as is with the usual delivery costs. La Poterie du Don will then contact the customer to indicate the delivery costs applicable to his order.

4.11 Product Availability

La Poterie du Don works on the basis of a stock, which can be, depending on the models concerned, in relatively tight flow. Therefore, depending on the case, our products are available within the limits of available stocks. The availability of a model can vary very quickly depending on sales. Specific information may be given to the Customer by telephone, e-mail or fax. La Poterie du Don undertakes to honor orders received only within the limits of available stocks of its Pottery or the Works of Art it offers. In the absence of availability of the Product(s), La Poterie du Don undertakes to inform the Customer as soon as possible. In the event of unavailability, La Poterie du Don may offer the Customer pottery or an object of art of an equivalent quality or price. The formal agreement of the Customer will then be requested by La Poterie du Don before any shipment.

4.12 Order Confirmation

An e-mail is automatically sent to the Customer to confirm the order taking, provided that the e-mail address indicated in the registration form does not contain an error. La Poterie du Don does not send an order confirmation by post or fax.

5. Order cancellation

The Law guarantees the Customer the possibility of retracting within 7 working days after receipt. The rules applicable on the one hand to the cancellation of an order, on the other to the exercise of the rights of withdrawal differ nevertheless. This chapter sets out the rules in each case, as well as the common rules in separate paragraphs. Right of withdrawal within the meaning of article L121-20-1 of the Consumer Code: It is exercised when the Customer has received his order and he wishes not to keep one, several, or all of the Products of his Order within 7 days of delivery. Cancellation of order: This possibility granted by La Poterie du Don to the Customer is exercised at any time prior to shipment (see conditions set out below) the right of withdrawal replacing this possibility once the delivery has been made.

5.1 Rules common to the right of withdrawal, exchange and order cancellationConditions related to exchanges and refunds

The right or the possibility of exchange or refund or return following a decision to withdraw applies only to the extent that the Product(s) is (are) returned in perfect condition for resale, packaged (or repackaged) in its (their) original packaging, complete and showing no trace of shock, malfunction or obvious trace of use. La Poterie du Don reserves the right to refuse this exchange or refund or return if the Products received in return do not comply with these conditions.

Exchange case The exchange request must be made within 15 days from the date of receipt of the Product concerned. If the new Product reference requested in exchange is for a higher amount, the Customer must pay the difference before shipping the new Product. Conversely, if the amount is less than the initial amount, the Customer’s account on will be credited with this difference. The new Product can only be shipped after the exchanged Product has been returned. If the shipping costs related to the replacement Product were higher than the initial shipping costs of the Order, La Poterie du Don may ask the customer for an additional contribution to the shipping costs.

5.2 Return conditions

Any return without exception must be preceded by a writing (e-mail, fax, or postal mail) and the automatic obtaining of a return number from the after-sales service of La Poterie du Don. This is in no way a request for authorization, but a necessary guarantee to ensure a return with full traceability and security for the Customer. La Poterie du Don will then indicate to the Customer the procedure to follow. La Poterie du Don reserves the right to refuse receipt of a return on its workshop that has not been notified to it or that does not follow the prior instructions. A return that does not respect this procedure and for which the package(s) would have been lost during transport could not be considered by La Poterie du Don. No compensation or reimbursement can then be demanded by the Customer who has not followed the instructions of the customer service in the context of an order cancellation and/or a withdrawal.

5.3 Application rules specific to the possibility of order cancellation (excluding the right of withdrawal)

Cancellation of order before shipment or before receipt by the Customer Before shipment by La Poterie du Don or before receipt by the Customer, La Poterie du Don offers its Customers the possibility of canceling their orders at any time. This possibility extends the legal conditions of withdrawal provided for by law after receipt by the Customer. Two cases arise: The order has not been shipped: the cancellation is then taken into account immediately by La Poterie du Don without further procedureThe order has already been completely or partially shipped. La Poterie du Don takes into account the cancellation of unshipped Products. For Products shipped, the Customer may refuse the package already shipped when it is presented. The cancellation will be taken into account when the Products are returned to our workshop. In these two cases: the Customer must contact the customer service of La Poterie du Don in order to notify this cancellation. A written confirmation will be requested from the Customer, either by e-mail, or by fax, or by post, in order to avoid any cancellation by a person other than the Customer.This possibility of cancellation after shipment entails costs for La Poterie du Don, La Poterie du Don then reserves the right to invoice the Customer for his management and cancellation costs.Participation in shipping costs including full insurance is the responsibility of the Customer. In the case of a partial cancellation, no refund of participation in shipping costs can be claimed, this participation being fixed for the entire Order.If the Order is canceled entirely and no parcel has been dispatched, the contribution to the shipping costs will then be fully refunded to the Customer.Reimbursement takes place at the latest within 30 days following the exercise of the right of cancellation if the order has not been dispatched, and at the latest within 30 days following the return of the package to our warehouses if the order has been shipped.

5.4 Rules of application specific to the legal right of withdrawal

The withdrawal between the date of receipt of the order and the 7 legal days is defined by law. This withdrawal may be made without justification on all or part of the Customer’s Order subject to the conditions defined in paragraph 5.1 In this case : the Customer must contact the customer service of La Poterie du Don in order to notify this cancellation prior to any reshipment of the Product, indicating the Product(s) concerned. A written confirmation will be requested from the Customer, either by e-mail, or by fax, or by post, in order to avoid any cancellation by a person other than the Customer. This prior contact is intended to communicate to the Customer the return procedure as well as the documents to be attached to the return package to allow traceability and thus ensure a good return.Return costs including postage and full value insurance are the responsibility of the Customer.In the event of a withdrawal concerning the entire Order, the contribution to the shipping costs is reimbursed to the Customer. In the case of a partial cancellation, no refund of participation in shipping costs can be claimed, this participation being fixed for the entire Order.Reimbursement takes place at the latest within 30 days following the exercise of the right of withdrawal, the reshipment of the parcels having been able to take place before

6. Payment

Means of payment

When a Customer is an individual, he can pay for his order: Online on the La Poterie du Don website by bank or credit card (Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard);By bank transfer (the data necessary for the transfer are provided on the site when choosing the method of payment or may be provided to the customer for other order methods;By check payable to La Poterie du Don; The Customer guarantees the company La Poterie du Don that he has the necessary authorizations to use the method of payment chosen by him. La Poterie du Don implements all necessary means to ensure the security and confidentiality of data transmitted online (online payment on the La Poterie du Don website). For this purpose, the La Poterie du Don Site uses a secure payment method SSL (Secure Socket Layer). The transaction is carried out via a reputable bank which alone has the banking information provided on the site at the time of payment.


The order form that the Customer establishes online or the order confirmation sent by e-mail to the Customer by La Poterie du Don does not serve as an invoice. Whatever the means of order and payment adopted, the Customer has the original of the invoice in his online account follow-up.La Poterie du Don keeps an electronic copy of each invoice. In the case of delivery to an address different from the billing address, the invoice is in any case only available in the online order tracking of the Customer’s account and is therefore not attached to the packages.

Payment date

In the case of payment by credit card, the Customer’s account will be debited with the amount of his purchases at the time of validation of his payment.In the case of payment by credit card in 3 instalments, the card is debited (1st due date) when the order is taken, when the other two debits are made 1 month then two months from this order date. In the case of payment by check, collection is made upon receipt of the check, thus notifying the validity of the Customer’s order. Late payments In case of refusal by the bank of a debit card or credit card or refusal to cash a check or other means of payment, it is up to the customer to contact customer service in order to pay for his order by any means of payment.

Transfer of ownership

La Poterie du Don remains the owner of the Pottery or Works of Art delivered until full payment by the Customer. The above provisions do not preclude, upon delivery of the Products, the transfer to the Customer of the risk of loss or deterioration of the Products subject to retention of title as well as the damage they may cause.

7. Delivery

Shipping times

Orders placed online via the site are collected every morning from Monday to Friday. La Poterie du Don processes all the orders registered the day before until the time of the reading during the day. The preparation of an order can in principle last up to two working days including in particular the processing of the order, the preparation of the Products, the packaging and the invoicing before the dispatch of the available Products, this period taking effect on the Order date defined in “paragraph 4 – Order date”. As a reminder, the “Date of the Order” is deemed (see paragraph 4) to be that: Validation of the Order by the Customer and its payment by credit card online, in the case of payment by credit card;From the date of receipt of the check, the transfer or the acceptance of the credit in the event of payment respectively by check. La Poterie du Don informs its Customers that these deadlines do not include Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. The deadlines mentioned in the examples above do not take into account any checks to prevent fraud mentioned in “paragraph 4 – Checks to prevent fraud”. Shipping times always take effect on the Order Date mentioned above. In the event of partial unavailability of the Products, La Poterie du Don may be led to split shipments. Thus, the available Products may be shipped initially, the balance of the order being shipped when the other Products are available, without generating any additional cost for the Customer. An e-mail is automatically sent to the Customer when the Products are shipped, provided that the e-mail address indicated in the registration form does not contain an error.

Transit times Transport times depend on the carrier chosen by the Customer. La Poterie du Don informs Customers of the deadlines announced by the chosen carrier. This indicative information takes place when the Customer chooses the mode of transport or carrier at the end of the online ordering process, before validation of the order. However, La Poterie du Don informs its Customers that the announced deadlines do not include Sundays and public holidays. Transport times can be viewed on the La Poterie du Don website in the “Deliveries” section.

Delivery time

The times displayed on the Product sheets are shipping times (refer to the paragraph “availability of the Products”).

The transport times are indicated in each item sheet and depend on the mode of transport chosen by the Customer. The Customer can view this delivery time for each item and each delivery method by clicking on the link provided for this purpose (presentation of possible delivery methods for the chosen item).

Thus, delivery times can be as follows:

  • If the Products are available, the delivery time is equal to the shipping time (paragraph shipping times) plus the transport time (paragraph transport times);
  • If the Products are not available, the announced shipping time contains the time necessary for the manufacture or supply of the Product at La Poterie du Don, and the delivery time is therefore always equal to the shipping time plus the time transport.
  • If it turns out that the shipping deadline cannot be met, a new deadline will then be communicated to the Customer, based on the data known by La Poterie du Don. In this case, a cancellation proposal will also be made to the Customer.

If, moreover, the payment had already been recorded for certain payment methods, a full refund proposal will also be sent to the Customer with the cancellation proposal.


The products are packaged in such a way as to comply with the transport standards in force, and to ensure optimal protection of the Products during their delivery. The Customer is asked to respect these same standards when returning a product when returning for convenience. Any damage observed to a product on return due to a problem with the level of packaging not respected may result in a partial refund or non-refund of the product if it is impossible to resell it as it is.

Order Tracking

The Customer can at any time consult the status of his order on the Site of La Poterie du Don by consulting his account. This tracking allows the Customer to know the processing status of his order, but also the shipping or delivery status of his packages. This last delivery follow-up is carried out in interface with the carriers’ Internet means of follow-up. La Poterie du Don cannot therefore be held responsible for unavailability or errors that may affect the information provided by its carriers. La Poterie du Don nevertheless strives to make this information as clear as possible and to make the transport with its carriers as reliable as possible.

The Customer may at any time contact the customer service of La Poterie du Don in order to be informed of the follow-up of his order.

The site suggests that you call 05 65 54 15 15 for any information concerning the follow-up of your order. Under no circumstances is this service surcharged.

Delivery services

La Poterie du Don provides its Customers with different delivery methods or different carriers. These delivery methods can be consulted with more details on the La Poterie du Don website in the “Deliveries” section.

However, La Poterie du Don reminds its customers that:

The delivery address (which may be different from the billing address) must be exact and mention all the details necessary for a good delivery;

For delivery by appointment, the Customer must clearly provide a landline and/or mobile phone number at which he can easily be reached;

An error in the delivery address, place of delivery, accessibility of the place, telephone number for making an appointment, absence of the Customer at the scheduled appointment, or any other problem resulting in the need for making a new delivery may be subject to invoicing at the actual costs of the new delivery, payment of these additional costs alone allowing the new delivery.

Delivery – Risks

La Poterie du Don retains full ownership of the products sold until payment of all sums due in connection with your order, including all costs and taxes. As of the receipt of the products of your order at your home or their withdrawal from Don du Fel by you, the risks incurred by the products received are transferred to you.

The packages are delivered in conformity to the carriers who are responsible for their routing. In the event of non-compliance during delivery, you must make reservations on the delivery note or refuse the goods. In the event of non-compliance with these provisions, La Poterie du Don cannot be held liable. In this case, your order cannot be re-delivered or refunded.

For products under 30kg:

If the package is damaged, torn, opened… you must absolutely refuse the package and contact our services to inform us by telephone or electronically. After receipt of your package by our services, depending on the nature of the product, the available stocks and according to your wishes, we will offer you the possibility of resending the product initially ordered, an exchange product or the possibility of canceling your purchase.

For products over 30 kg:

Upon delivery, in the presence of the driver, before signing the delivery slip, and therefore accepting the package as “compliant”, you must check the condition of the package and its contents. The mention “subject to unpacking” does not constitute a characterized reserve and has NO LEGAL VALUE.

In the event of damage noted during the inspection upon receipt:

You must make specific reservations on the delivery slip and REFUSE the package. It is therefore essential that you precisely describe the condition of the packaging and/or your product on the travel letter in order to justify your refusal. Here are examples of characterized reservations: Soiled package, product packaging damaged, torn, dented… on the bottom right corner, on the left side, etc.

In the event of damage noted after the inspection upon receipt:

In accordance with the legal provisions, it is your responsibility to question the carrier’s liability by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within 72 hours (excluding public holidays) following receipt. It is therefore essential that you describe precisely the type of damage observed and why it was not detectable during the check on receipt.

You must also confirm these reservations to us at the latest within 48 working hours following the sending of the letter to the carrier, by post to: mentioning the references of your order.

Note: The verification of the condition of your parcel and its contents is considered to have been carried out when the delivery note has been signed without reservation or with an uncharacterized reservation. Consequently, IN THE EVENT OF NON-COMPLIANCE WITH THE ABOVE INDICATIONS, NO COMPLAINT WILL BE ADMISSIBLE.


Without prejudice to the arrangements to be made vis-à-vis the carrier, any complaints, as to apparent defects or the non-conformity of the Product delivered with the Product ordered or the packing slip, must be made in writing within 7 days. following the date of receipt of the goods by the customer and sent to La Poterie du Don, Le Don du Fel, 12140 Le Fel, by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt.

It will be up to the customer to provide any justification as to the reality of any defects or anomalies noted.

The customer must give us all the facilities to proceed with the observation of any defects to allow us to remedy them.

Removal of items from our workshop at Don du Fel

La Poterie du Don gives its Customers the opportunity to pick up their Orders in its Workshop. This removal service is subject to certain conditions. As soon as all the items in an Order can be picked up from the Workshop, this option will be offered to the Customer when validating and paying for their Order.

Pickup confirmation

The customer will be notified by email of the availability of his order for removal. When the order is available for collection, failure to collect the Products within 15 days results in the cancellation of the Order.

Parts needed for removal When picking up his Order from the Workshop, the Customer must present the following documents: (i) A piece of identification. (ii) The Order confirmation email or the order availability email (iii) If the person who presents himself for the collection of the Order is not the Customer, this person must present himself with the documents mentioned above as well as with: his own identity card and a power of attorney letter drawn up and signed by the Client if it is an individual a copy of the Customer’s identity document or by the manager of the company if it is a company with a copy of a Kbis less than three months old. In the event of non-compliance with these provisions, La Poterie du Don reserves the right not to deliver the Order to the Customer.

Reservations for removal from our warehouse

On the day of collection, the Customer must sign a collection slip. La Poterie du Don reminds you that it is the Customer’s responsibility to inspect their packages during collection in the presence of the person delivering the order and to notify on the collection slip of any anomaly (shock, damage to the package , …). In the event that such mentions have not been made on the collection slip, no complaint relating to the condition of the package(s) can be accepted a posteriori by La Poterie du Don. The loading and transport of the goods are then the full responsibility of the Customer.

8. The guarantees of La Poterie du Don

Defects on delivery

Carrier-related delivery delays

In the event of a delay in delivery in relation to the deadlines announced by the carriers, the Customer must first contact the carrier or its distribution office in the case of La Poste. In all cases of significant delays, the Customer must contact La Poterie du Don to open a dispute or investigation file to search for the package.

It happens that parcels are misplaced by carriers. The deadlines imposed by the carriers imply that the Customer declares the loss within 10 days of receipt of the shipping notice from La Poterie du Don. Under these conditions, La Poterie du Don is responsible for making the necessary complaints to the carrier concerned.

In the event that the package was not found, La Poterie du Don would make a new delivery of the same Product (within the availability period) or would offer the Customer a refund.


In the event of a strike by La Poste services, carriers or any other event of an exceptional nature slowing down or preventing the delivery of parcels, La Poterie du Don will make every effort to inform the customer of the status of the shipment of his package, but cannot be held responsible for any delays caused.

Legal guarantee

Notwithstanding the specific guarantees, La Poterie du Don informs its Customers that they have, on all its Pottery, the legal guarantee against hidden defects in application of article L211-1 of the Consumer Code which includes articles 1641 to 1648 of the civil code.

This guarantee allows the Customer who proves the existence of a hidden defect to obtain either the reimbursement of the price against the return of the Product or the reimbursement of only part of the price without the return of the Product.


La Poterie du Don is released from its delivery obligations in the event of force majeure.

La Poterie du Don declines all responsibility for the misuse or misuse of the products that the customer has ordered.

The sites linked directly or indirectly to the Site of La Poterie du Don are not under the control of La Poterie du Don. Consequently, Atkins SARL assumes no responsibility for the information published on these sites. Links to third-party sites are provided for convenience only and do not imply any endorsement of their content.

9. Other conditions, data protection

Nominative and personal data

Visitors or Customers of the Site of La Poterie du Don have at any time a right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning them in application of article 34 of the law “computing and freedoms of January 6, 1978.

During the registration of a visitor or an order from a Customer, or in the context of other specific operations on the site or other associated addresses, La Poterie du Don is required to collect personal data, i.e. information allowing the individual to be identified, in particular his first name, last name, e-mail address, telephone number, date of birth, postal address. When the Visitor or the Customer decides to communicate this personal data on or other associated addresses, he expressly gives his consent for the collection and use of this data in accordance with the legislation. The visitor or Customer may at any time modify his subscription through the hypertext link appearing at the bottom of the offers received by e-mail.

La Poterie du Don undertakes to take into account in an effective way the modifications of subscription and partial or total unsubscription to the commercial e-mails distributed by it on behalf of its Site as soon as possible according to the necessary treatments.

Any request for change or cancellation of our files desired by a customer or a visitor, should be made by email to our manager

La Poterie du Don informs its Customers that the processing of this personal and/or personal information has been declared to the CNIL under number 1621693 v 0 of October 10, 2012.

Bank / credit card data is collected and processed by our banking service provider in accordance with its own personal data policy [Provider’s site URL to be inserted]. La Poterie du Don does not have access to this data.

During its consultation, our site collects, from software activated by your own computer (cookies), data on the date, the consultation time, … as well as the computer address of your computer, the access provider, the search engine, the link… at the origin of this consultation. This collection allows us to improve the ergonomics of our site. You can prevent this collection by disabling this feature in your browser software. Even when this feature is disabled, you still have the ability to access our site.

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Entire Terms

A change in legislation, regulation or a court decision rendering one or more clauses of these General Conditions of Sale null and void shall not affect the validity of these General Conditions of Sale. Such a change or finding could in no way allow the Customer not to respect these General Conditions of Sale.

If a condition was not explicitly mentioned, it would be considered to be governed by the practices in force in the distance selling sector whose companies are headquartered in France.

Duration and application

These Conditions apply to any visit and any purchase made on the Site of La Poterie du Don as long as the store, also accessible by or by is online.

These Conditions, precisely dated, can be modified at any time by La Poterie du Don. The applicable Conditions are those in force on the date of registration of the order. The last modification date of these General Conditions of Sale appears at the bottom of these conditions.

Limitation of Liability

The liability of La Poterie du Don is limited to direct and foreseeable damage that may result from the use of the Site, excluding any indirect damage. La Poterie du Don does not grant any guarantee concerning the operation of the telecommunications network or concerning the operation of the computer system allowing access to the Site. Furthermore, La Poterie du Don is not responsible for the possible insertion of a link to the Site in third party sites.


This contract is subject to French law. La Poterie du Don cannot be held liable for damages of any kind, whether material, immaterial or bodily, which may result from a malfunction or misuse of the products marketed. The responsibility of La Poterie du Don will, in any event, be limited to the amount of the order and cannot be blamed for simple errors or omissions which may have remained despite all the precautions taken in the presentation of the products. difficulties in the application of this contract, the buyer has the possibility, before any legal action, to seek an amicable solution, in particular with the help of:

a professional association in the sector, a consumer association or any other council of its choice. It is recalled that the search for an amicable solution does not interrupt the “brief period” of the legal guarantee, nor the duration of the contractual guarantee. It is recalled that as a general rule and subject to the judgment of the Courts, compliance with the provisions of this contract relating to the contractual guarantee assumes that the buyer honors his financial commitments to the seller.

Complaints or disputes will always be received with attentive benevolence, good faith being always presumed in those who take the trouble to explain their situations. In the event of a dispute, the customer will first contact the company to obtain an amicable solution.

Otherwise, the Commercial Court of Rodez has sole jurisdiction, regardless of the place of delivery and the method of payment accepted.

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