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Sangwoo KIM

Sangwoo Kim

Artist Profile

Sangwoo KIM


Sangwoo Kim is one of the most eminent sculptors of the Korean diaspora living in France. To say that his work is inspired by nature makes little sense if we do not insist on its cosmic and dreamlike dimension. For Sangwoo, a cloud can take the form of a rounded rock reminiscent of millennia of erosion or the reverse when the pebble seems almost to float in weightlessness. Poetry resides in the contradiction of states as of materials. The aerial side of one is even reinforced by the geological mass of the other. Like any Korean artist, Sangwoo does not allow any detail to escape his consideration, neither the curvature of the forms orchestrated with a tiny delicacy, nor the complexity of the structure of his surfaces, all born from a shaping with patiently rhythmic coils. in hollows and crests so that finally, after successive grinding and polishing, the beauty of its multiple layers of colored porcelain is fully revealed. Very high art.



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