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Michal FARGO

Michal Fargo

Artist Profile

Michal FARGO


Michal Fargo’s sculptures are the fruit of an original technique in which the shapes and surfaces are mainly determined by the weight of the porcelain coulis poured into soft foam moulds. His sculptures are thus invested with an organic subtlety that recalls the role of gravity in determining natural constructions, while their surfaces perfectly reproduce the honeycombed irregularities of the mold wall. By their freedom from any external geometric constraint, these sculptures are unlike any other. They forcefully propose a new dialogue between matter and space, which is fresh, fruitful and bears fascinating future developments. Michal Fargo was born in Tel Aviv. She graduated in ceramic design from the Bezalel Academy of Art & Design in Jerusalem in 2011 and is moving to London this fall. She is currently participating in the XXIII Vallauris Biennale and has exhibited in Europe, Israel and Australia where, in 2012, she received a prize from the Sidney Myers Fund during an exhibition at the Shepparton Art Museum.



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