Artist Profile

Agnès HIS

Artist Profile

Agnès HIS


After studying at the Fine Arts of Le Havre and Rouen and a few years of teaching Plastic Arts, Agnès His moved to Touraine and opened her studio. In 1987, she presented her work for the first time at the Biennale de Céramique de Châteauroux, then in other places in France. Her latest ceramics testify to a work of matter evolving towards an increasingly stripped-down style, centered on form, engraving and the use of pigments.

Links with nature exist but in a distant way, like a daydream, in the titles of his themes, Shadows, Herbs, Straws… A black clay covered with a white or red earth, modeled on a rounded form using a stick or a ball, and a treatment by engraved, stamped, crossed, removed motifs, involving a repetition of inscribed gestures in a rhythm, a breath that brings into play the entire body and mind, in close proximity to its material. In this way, she advances ceramics into unexpected territories.

With the bushes, she tries the impossible challenge of approaching the immaterial, treating the earth like a sketch in pencil, charcoal, red chalk. They make a metallic sound. A rustling… It is through this total investment, this attachment to the primitive of expression, to its primary pulsations, that Agnès His is a true modern artist.



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